Why you’ll love working in Food & Beverage:

  • Best meal benefits
  • The world’s best commute to and from our on-mountain locations
  • Gain valuable work experience and transferable skills
  • Numerous opportunities for career advancement
  • Meet great people and make life-long friends… and nobody parties like F&B!

Position Status: Full Time (32-40 hours/week)

Locations: Barista roles are scattered all over the resort in various restaurants and eateries. Your ability to ski or ride to an intermediate level might be the determining factor for the placement in some locations.

What you’ll be doing:

  • To be well versed in Whistler Blackcomb’s HACCP and Food Safe programs
  • To wash all dishes in a safe and timely manner
  • Provide clean, sanitized kitchen implements dishes and cutlery used in food preparation and service
  • To assist in maintaining a clean, safe and dry work area at all times and at the end of the day, ensure total clean up and sanitation of a work station
  • Ensure breakage is kept to minimum and broken glass is disposed of properly
  • Return all clean kitchen implements, dishes, and cutlery to proper storage areas
  • Remove and place waste in proper containers
  • To regularly (every 2 hours minimum) change the water you use to wash dishes
  • To maintain a high standard of service at all times
  • We are a company that works together and throughout the season you may be required to assist other departments as needed
  • Live and work by our core values: Team play, Employee Experience, Striving to be the Best, Customer Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity, Community and Environment, and Playing Safely.
  • Always show up on time, in uniform, and adhere to the grooming policy!


  • Demonstrate our core values: Safety First, Striving to be the best, and we care
  • Must be organized, self motivated and enjoy doing routine tasks
  • Adherence to Whistler Blackcomb’s grooming and hygiene policies
  • Experience working in a busy kitchen an advantage

Food & Beverage FAQs:

What does the job look like on a day to day?

Each shift begins with a pre shift where everyone who is working gets together to meet with one of the Managers on Duty for the day. They will go over a safety spotlight for the day, anticipated business volumes, recognition, up coming events and anything else you need to know to set employees up for a successful day. This is also when job roles will be assigned for the day. After pre shift it’s a quick spot check of the building, maybe a vacuum and it’s go time! Guests arrive as early as 9am and food is served for the duration of the day. During the shift the tasks below will be preformed. The Manager on Duty will assign breaks throughout the day and there is 30 minutes for lunch, which is free! Back to work for the remainder of the day. Once the mountain closes it’s time to reset for the next day, perhaps another vacuum and download for the end of the day.

What are the daily tasks?
  1. Bussing: clearing and wiping down tables, taking anything left on the table to the rack and rolls which will later be sorted. Fun fact as a company we have a bold sustainability goal: to achieve a zero net operating footprint by 2030. This means you will not find a trash can in our restaurants and everything is sorted to help achieve this goal.
  2. Cashier: taking payments for purchases
  3. Barista: making speciality coffees and processing payments
  4. Greeter: greeting guests as they arrive into locations and assigning shifts. Currently we are also checking vaccine status as directed by Public Health Order
  5. Dishwasher: help maintain the sorting area in the back of the kitchen and running dishes through the dishwasher as required
  6. Washroom Checks: routinely going through washrooms to ensure supplies are stocked and the facility is clean
  7. Back of House: preparing food for the day (making sandwiches, salads, fruit cups) serving food and operating the grill
What is your time off policy?

Typically we do not allow time off during our peak season- ie: Christmas, Presidents Week, Easter, and Spring Break as it is our busiest time. We recognize that employees are in Whistler to experience all that the town and environment has to offer so we will try to accommodate days off, but please remember the season is only 6 months and not all time off can be accommodated.

What is the housing situation like?

We have 3 staff housing locations, two in the Village area and one just south of Creekside. Housing is on a first come, first served basis. Current rates start $13.33/ night to $21.78/ night. Please note these rates will go up 3% in the fall.

Perks being part of the FB team?

Amazing group of people from all over the world. Free shift meal while working, 50% off food while not working, one of the largest departments on the hill, options to work at a ski in, ski out location, variety of location sizes-anywhere from 8 staff to over a 100 staff depending on the restaurant size.

Do I need previous experience in order to work in FB?

Nope! We don’t expect anyone to come in to the department with previous experience. Our environment is very unique and appreciate that people come to Whistler with a diverse employment background. Our company has extensive departmental specific training that occurs before the first day, as well as on the job training. All we ask is you come with a keen attitude and a willingness to learn.

What’s it like living in Whistler?

It really is the best. And if you think Summer is great wait till winter comes along. It’s a very common phrase in Whistler to hear ‘I came for a season and am still here 5 years later’. There is always something to do and the scenery is second to none. Whistler is a lot of fun but it is expensive so plan accordingly. The wage for our entry level positions in $15.20/hour and paychecks are every two weeks.

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