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Are you a coffee connoisseur passionate about hospitality and a flair for creating memorable experiences? Join us on a culinary journey in Central London as we seek talented baristas to be part of our vibrant coffee shop and bar scene.

Job Details:

  • Location: Central London, offering a blend of morning and evening shifts for flexibility.
  • Training: Dive into a unique learning experience with training on wine, cocktails, and the art of coffee-making.
  • Work Options: Embrace the freedom of full-time or part-time roles catering to your schedule.
  • Experience: While hospitality/barista experience is valued, it’s not a must – we welcome enthusiastic beginners.
  • Travel Flexibility: Enjoy moderate travel flexibility; coordinate your time off with your manager.

Perks of Joining Us:

  • Complimentary Treats: Indulge in free hot drinks all day, with a 50% discount on food and soft drinks, and 30% off alcohol and takeaway prices.
  • Social Gatherings: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community with exciting company events that foster camaraderie.

Next Steps:

Ready to blend your love for coffee with a taste of London life? Take the first step towards securing your spot by submitting an enquiry for our Jumpstart London program. Your barista adventure awaits!


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  • Grooming policy Some of our five star locations will have strict grooming policies, that said we have bar jobs that prefer dreadlocks and tattoos.

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