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Calling all superstar Baristas, Team Leaders (Supervisors), and Team Members. Apply now to enjoy flexible hours, free food, and great pay and benefits, including up to a £1,000 bonus when you graduate as a Barista or Team Leader. Our Baristas are our coffee experts, we know this because they spend 12 weeks in training (and really earning that black shirt). They are passionate about creating bold and beautiful drinks and ensure we deliver amazing coffee standards every day. We pay our lovely Baristas £9.88 per hour. After initial training, Baristas can earn up to £10.88 an hour with the additional weekly mystery shopper bonus of £1.00 per hour. It doesn’t stop there…we also offer training via our academy so you could become a Leader, Assistant Manager or General Manager. **All pay rates quoted are based on London and other expensive cities and are inclusive of a £1.00 per hour weekly.

£9.88 to £10.88 per hour (Inclusive of weekly mystery shopper bonus of £1.00 per hour)*.
Free food when you’re working (and a great discount when you’re not).
Earn an extra £5 when you start to work between 3 am and 5 am **.
Bonus Schemes Train to become a Barista, Front of House Leader, or Kitchen Leader (Supervisor) and you could earn up to £1,000 when you graduate (hooray!). We’re also offering bonuses if you work early, and earn an extra £5 for every early bird shift. Great Pay To reward and recognise the great work that you do we offer a competitive pay rate. Our Team Members are paid £9.40 per hour, after graduating as a Team Member Star you will be part of our Mystery Shopper bonus scheme and could earn £10.40 per hour, we also offer other bonuses and cash rewards (hooray) and of course, there are endless opportunities to grow your career with us, the sky is the limit!

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  • Total Jobs 27 Jobs
  • Industries Construction, Events & Promotions, Hotel Jobs
  • Locations London
  • Do you supply housing Yes
  • List benefits Travel flexible jobs & rooms to Jumpstart your working holiday from London
  • Grooming policy Some of our five star locations will have strict grooming policies, that said we have bar jobs that prefer dreadlocks and tattoos.

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